I´m so trilled Suna Regens Flower´s Yann became
BOB Junior &
3-Best Male with CAC and Shortlisted in BIS Junior.
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin, became 2 best Jr. with CQ
NDS. Sandefjord Hundeklubb 13.01.2018

Suna Regens Tzhaka's X-os
did very well today
CAC BD-2 With CQ
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
2-Best Bitch With CQ
Judge: Rui Oliveira, Portugal
Again BEST IN SHOW Jr.  IDS My Dog 2

I’m so proud of Yasmin & her brother Yann
Yasmin became
BOB Jr, 3 Best Bitch with R-CAC & BIS Jr. in Huge Competition !
Her brother Yann became
Best Jr. male, Best of Oposit Sex Jr. & 4’th Best .Male .with R-CAC <3
Both of them also Qualified for Crufts !!

Judge: Jocken H. Eberhardt
NDS in Leto, Norway 27-28 Januar-2018

An amazingly great weekend
My lovely YASMIN did it again.... <3
She became
WITO: Suna Regens Opal Winter Wito became
BOS. With that he also became N.Champ. Congratulations to Kristin & Glenn that has taken so good care of him. Still good luck in the future !
YANNICK: Suna Regens Flower's Yannick became
2'nd Best Dog with CQ & res,CAC
X-OS: Suna Regens Tzhakas X-os got
EXL with a lovely critic
Some lovely grandkids to me was there too & they did very well also.
OBAN av Vilje & Ve after: Suna Regens Tzhaka Autumn Pedro. Became
BICA: Cayahogas Louises Bianca. after: Suna Regens Rox Sunnyboy, Became
BOB & BOG-2 ( The day before BOS )
NKK, Int/Nordic dog show 7-8 April
judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Fin
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin won the open class With
CQ & Best Bitch- 4
(Yasmin had problem with muscle locks in the neck, shoulder and back )
Easter show In Letohallen 1 of April
Yannis: Suna Regens Flower's Yannis
did really well

He became BOB With CC & BOG-3 in the hound Group
Perfect handlet by Connie
Judge: Josè Româo Pereira Silva
Nkk Ålesund 05.05.2018.
Suna Regens Flower’s Yamina did very well.
She really became first best bitch With CC & Nordic CC, but lost it after a while.
She ended up to be
3 BB With CQ
Hässleholm 19 of May

Suna Regens Flower's Yann did really well
He became 
Best Male & endet up to be
judge:  Heinz Anschober (Österrike )
Hässleholm 20 of May
Suna Regens Flower's Yann did also very well today
Best Male & ended up to be
judge: Maria Ullman Hierner
Our Whippet spec-3 of June Vestby

A really lovely day with so many prices at our Whippet spesial.
Yasmin did very well after a long break.
Best Bitch & S-BIM/BIS. Her brother Yann also did very well. He bacame 2.Best Male with Spec CC. Theire mum Flower became 4-Best Bitch with CQ and a fab critic
We also became
BIS progeny Group & BIS Breeder Group
got honored with the titles of best debutant and 3-Best Whippet of the year 2017
judge: Arnaldo Cotugna, Italy
Vänersborg Nordic 9 of June
judge: Christopher Coppel

SR Flower's Yasmin became 
best in open, CQ & 3 best female With res CC & res Cacib
Vejen Danmark IDS 16 of June
judge: Tony Moran, Irland
Yasmin became
2 Best female With CQ, CC,DK.Champ, res Cacib
2Best in Championkl. & 5 BB
Vejen Danmark IDS 17 of June
4 BB With CQ & res CC
3 B.Ch & 4 BB
judge: Henrik Johansson, Sweden
NMK, Trondheim 30 of June
Yannis became
BOB & BIS4 in midle klass. CQ & 4 BM
  Yasmin only Exl and uplased
judge: Susanne Oschinski Kennel Whipcat
NMK, Trondheim 1 of August

2 Best Male
Yasmin vg unbelievable !
Vålerbanen 14-15 of August
X-os became BOS
4 BB
judge: Trev,Hiscocs & Miclos Levente
Råde Nat DS 28-29 of July

Suna Regens Opal's Winter Wito became
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
2-BB With CQ
Suna Regens X-is Vipps became
BOS pup
Suna Regens X-is Vicky
2 BB pup
NKK, Int & Whippet Spec 18-19 of August
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
Suna Regens Tzhaka's X-os became one in a huge open class,
CC, N.CH & 2 Best Male With res Cacib
Suna Regens Tzhaka's Xis became 3 bb in open With CQ
Suna Regens Flower's Yannis became 2 best in open
judge: Sighthound Specialist Gabriel Valdez Brazil
Nat DS in Letohallen 11 of August
I’m so proud and happy !
Yasmin: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin became
BOB, BIG & BIS-2 With CC.
With this CC she also gained her
Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion titles to her credit
My little Vicky: Suna Regens X-is Vicky became
BOB, BIG & BIS pup
judge: Jurate Butkiene, Latvia Zorica Blomqvist, Sverige,  Harto Stockmari. Finland & Antoneta Penkova, Bulgaria
Nat DS in Letohallen 12 of August

Today Yasmin: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin became
Today little Vicky: Suna Regens X-is Vicky became BOB, BIG

BIS in Kragerø 8 of September !
Silver: Suna Regens X-is Silver
judge: Sølvi Schelderup
NKK, Stavanger 16 of Sept-2018
I'm so proud and happy !
Yamina:Suna Regens Flower's Yamina became
BOB & BOG today with Cacib, CC
Congratulations to Bjorg & Bjørn !
judge Berrie Beare.
Kongsberg hundeklubb 13 Oct-2018
This day have been the most exiting day here in Norway
Suna Regens Flower's
Yamina became BOB, BOG & BIS
Norwegian Champion  !!
judge: Dominic Harris & Hanne Laine Jensen
Huge congratulations to Bjørn og Bjørg & Silje for your lovely handling
Nat.DS, Letohallen 10-11. 11-2018 Norsk Miniatyr Klubb

Two days of Exebition 10-11 Now-2018
YASMIN: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin
BOB, BOG & Best In Show 
VICKY: Suna Regens X-is Vicky
BOB, BOG & BIS2 ( pup, Doughter of Yann )
YANN: Suna Regens Flower’s Yann
Best Male & BOS
YASMIN: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin
VICKY: Suna Regens X-is Vicky
BOB, BOG & BIS4 (pup) 
YANN: Suna Regens Flower’s Yann Best Male, N.Champ & BOS

1 day Judges: Tarmo Viirtelä, Finland BIS: Alex Torpakov
Olga Sinko
2 day judges: Stavros Argirou BIS pup: Kornelija Butrimova & BIS: Markku Kipinä
Nordic Winner-18 Dogs4All Lillestrøm 16.11.2018

YASMIN: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin got her Nordic Winner-18 title & BOS
X-IS: Suna Regens Tzhaka’s X-is became Best Bitch5 with CQ
VICKY: Suna Regens X-is Vicky became BOB & BOG 3 (pup)
SILVER: Suna Regens X-is Vicente became BIM (pup)
Judge: Ingrid Krhan-Heiermann
Norwegian Vinner-18 Dogs 4All, Lilletrøm 18 of Nov-2018

VICKY: Suna Regens X-is Vicky Became BOB-BOG & BIS4
YASMIN: Suna Regens Flower’s Yasmin B.Champ-2 & 4Best Bitch tot. With CQ
X-IS: Suna Regens Tzhaka’s X-is EX
Judge: Roberto Posa & Bis judge: Jon Cole