Suna Regens Kennel
Some Results of my Breeder Group  2021-2020 and some from 2019

A New Breedergroup I have became BIS with many times

Whippetspec at Hamresanden with over 90 Whippets 31 July  and 08 of August-21

Espen Engh's critikk:

A group of very typelike dogs of excellent quality. Excellent combination of power and substands. Beautiful heads. Excellent line play-powerful gestures. Clearly a breeder with an excellent ideal and with the ability to breed it. 
Congratulations !
Leto Nat.Show 01.03.of March

BEST IN SHOW-2 Breeder

judges: Tiina Taulus, Finland- Monika Blaha, Østerrike
Nat Show 29 of February Leto
Again, I'm as proud as I can be !
Thank you so much one and all of you for all help <3
BEST IN SHOW Breeder !
Schnauzer Bouvier Klubb  01.02.2020
BIS Breeder ❤
Judge: Børge Espeland
Nat. Show Leto 29 of Des 2019
Judge: Mendes, Erika Hofmann Gatti Mazoni &  Andi Hudono
Nat Dog Show 9-10 of Nov-Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb
BIS Breeder & BIS Breeder-2
Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari & Bente Bjerkaas

Nat Show in Drammen Kongsberg Hundeklubb 19 of Oct

My Breedergroup bacame again
BIS Breeder
judge: Leif Hermann Wilberg, Norway

Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb 10-11 of August-2019
HP &
BIS Breeder Both days !
judge: Jelena Kruus, Est

Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb Leto 2-3 of Marsh-2019
My Breedergroup Became
BEST IN SHOW and BIS-2 that weekend
judge: Sonny Strøm & Poqas Joäo Vasko