Suna Regens Kennel
Update 2021
Dog Show-Mjøndalen Kongsberg 09.10.21
Suna Regens Yasmin's Sissi did great.
She became Best Junior with CQ
Suna Regens Yasmin's Harley 3 Best
Bergen BSBK's Nat.dogshow 26 of September
Yasmin did very well.
Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin
Suna Regens Yasmin's Sisii
2-Best Junior With CK

Jugdge: Børge Espeland and Judgespec for Bis was
Espen Engh
Norwegian Sighthound Spec in Drammen 11 of Sept-21

Suna Regens Yasmin's Harley did it well

BOB Junior and Best Male 3 With Cert

Judgespecialist: Rudi Peter Brandt, Danmark
NKK Nordic- Norwegian Winner- 21   Lillehammer. 22 August
Whippetspecial in Vingrom 21 of August-21

Suna Regens Flower's Yasmin became
Best Champion, Best Bitch & BOS with title NV-21 ❤ Her son Suna Regens Yasmin's Harley became Best Junior and got his title NJV-21 and another son of Yasmin became 2best Junior, Suna Regens Yasmin's Phoenix.
Judge: Randi Juliussen
And yesterday Yasmins daughter Suna Regens Yasmin's Sissi became
Best Junior and BIS/ BOS Junior and her brother Harley became 3 Best Junior with CK at our Whippet special. Judge: Berit Huseby

Whippetspec at Hamresanden with over 90 Whippets 31 July  and 08 of August-21

Espen Engh's critikk:

A group of very typelike dogs of excellent quality. Excellent combination of power and substands. Beautiful heads. Excellent line play-powerful gestures. Clearly a breeder with an excellent ideal and with the ability to breed it. 
Congratulations !

Today was Harleys big day 08 of August

Suna Regens Flower's Harley
Best Junior & BIS-BOS Junior with Res CAC.
Suna Regens Flower's Phoenix
2 best Junior in their class.
Judge: Bjørg Foss.

Yesterday 01.08.21

Suna Regens Flower's Arish Best in Open & nr 3 tot with
CAC and became N. Champion
In the end I became
BEST/BIS in Breeder Group
Judgespec: Espen Engh
Congratulation to everyone involved❤
Judgespes: Espen Engh

First time out ever for the beautiful
babies because of Covid-19

Sandefjord 07.06.21
Judge: Steinar Balken
Suna Regens Yasmins Sissi became
BOB & 2-Best In Group
Suna Regens Yasmins Phoenix Became BOS & Suna Regens Yasmins Sissi became  BOB
Sune Regens Yasmins Harley
2-Best puppy boy
Sandefjord 05.06.21
Judge: Svein Helgesen, Norway
Flowbird Dicthe BOB-Junior & 2-Best In Group judge: Anne Tove Strand
And Suna Regens Rox Sunflower (Flower)
BOB vet & BIS -2 vet