Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BOB, BIG and 3-BIS puppy
Suna Regens Kennel
Some Results for
CIB.Int.N.Ch. and LV J.Ch Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Norsk Dobermann Klub
Letohallen, Eidsvoll, 30 th of December 2011
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka Best Bitch-3 with CQ
NKK, Dogs 4All, Norsk Vinner, Lillestrøm Nov.27

judge: Francesco Cocetti, Italy
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka Very Good :-)   
Norwegians Lhasa Apso Klubb 30 th of October
Judge: Maria Gabriela Veiga, Portugal and BIS Judge: Zlatko Kraljic
Cac, BB ,BOB, BIG and BEST IN SHOW  Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BEST IN GROUP judge: Gabriel Maria Veiga
BOB and BOS judge: Gabriel Maria Veiga

Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb Leto hallen 29 th of October
judge: Matti Luoso, Fin
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka's first competiton as adult :-)
CAC and 3-Best Bitch
Norwegian NMKlub 23 th of October
judge: Rita Rayniers and Kornelija Butrimova and Kresten Scheel
BIS-4 Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Tzhaka was finished with her puppy career this weekend and She has been awarded some nice wins.
10: Best of Breed  and  9: Best In Group
5: Best In Show. One: 2-Best In Show. Two: 3-Best In Show. One: 4-Best In Show
Norwegian NMKlub 22 th of October
BOB, BIG and BIS-2 puppy
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Best In Group
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka 2-Best Bitch for judge Natasa Blanusa
look at the pic....
Drammen 4th of September  Leonberger Klubb
Judge: Delerue, Pedro Sanches and Catherine Lebret
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka winning BOB, BIG and BIS
Drammen 3th of September
Judge: Sviatlana Radziuk, German and Dondina Paolo and Salas Melero, Carlos
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka winning BOB, BIG and BIS-3
N Mops klubb, Hamresanden 24th of July
breedjudge: Monika Blaha ,groupjudge :Duzan Paunowic and BiSjudge:
N Mops klubb, Hamresanden 23th of July
breedjudge: Duzan Paunowic and groupjudge: Monika Blaha
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BOB, and 2-BIG puppy
NMHK, Hamresanden 22th of July
breedjudge: Natasa Blanusa and groupjudge: Duzan Paunowic
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BOB, BIG and BIS puppy
Whippet Special in Lillehammer 19 th of June
judge: Caroline Osborne, England
BOB and BIS also today !
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Whippet Open Show, Lillehammer 18 th of June
judge: Michael Vikström, Sweden
BOB and BIS Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Pinseutst 11 and 12 th of June
Suna Regens Tzhaka won 2-Best Bitch puppy both day.
Judges: 1-st day Hänrik Härling, Sweden and 2-nd day Bitte Ahrens, Sweden/Italy