Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BOB, BIG and 3-BIS puppy
Some Results for
CIB.Int.N.Ch. and LV J.Ch Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Norsk Dobermann Klub
Letohallen, Eidsvoll, 30 th of December 2011
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka Best Bitch-3 with CQ
NKK, Dogs 4All, Norsk Vinner, Lillestrøm Nov.27

judge: Francesco Cocetti, Italy
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka Very Good :-)   
Norwegians Lhasa Apso Klubb 30 th of October
Judge: Maria Gabriela Veiga, Portugal and BIS Judge: Zlatko Kraljic
Cac, BB ,BOB, BIG and BEST IN SHOW  Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BEST IN GROUP judge: Gabriel Maria Veiga
BOB and BOS judge: Gabriel Maria Veiga

Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb Leto hallen 29 th of October
judge: Matti Luoso, Fin
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka's first competiton as adult :-)
CAC and 3-Best Bitch
Norwegian NMKlub 23 th of October
judge: Rita Rayniers and Kornelija Butrimova and Kresten Scheel
BIS-4 Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Tzhaka was finished with her puppy career this weekend and She has been awarded some nice wins.
10: Best of Breed  and  9: Best In Group
5: Best In Show. One: 2-Best In Show. Two: 3-Best In Show. One: 4-Best In Show
Norwegian NMKlub 22 th of October
BOB, BIG and BIS-2 puppy
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Best In Group
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka 2-Best Bitch for judge Natasa Blanusa
look at the pic....
Drammen 4th of September  Leonberger Klubb
Judge: Delerue, Pedro Sanches and Catherine Lebret
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka winning BOB, BIG and BIS
Drammen 3th of September
Judge: Sviatlana Radziuk, German and Dondina Paolo and Salas Melero, Carlos
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka winning BOB, BIG and BIS-3
N Mops klubb, Hamresanden 24th of July
breedjudge: Monika Blaha ,groupjudge :Duzan Paunowic and BiSjudge:
N Mops klubb, Hamresanden 23th of July
breedjudge: Duzan Paunowic and groupjudge: Monika Blaha
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BOB, and 2-BIG puppy
NMHK, Hamresanden 22th of July
breedjudge: Natasa Blanusa and groupjudge: Duzan Paunowic
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
BOB, BIG and BIS puppy
Whippet Special in Lillehammer 19 th of June
judge: Caroline Osborne, England
BOB and BIS also today !
Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Whippet Open Show, Lillehammer 18 th of June
judge: Michael Vikström, Sweden
BOB and BIS Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Pinseutst 11 and 12 th of June
Suna Regens Tzhaka won 2-Best Bitch puppy both day.
Judges: 1-st day Hänrik Härling, Sweden and 2-nd day Bitte Ahrens, Sweden/Italy