Update/Results 2019
Suna Regens Team did well again, Leto 20 of January

SR Flower’s
Yasmin: CQ & BOS
SR X-is
Vicky CQ- CC & 2 Best Bitch
SR X-is
Vipps CQ-CC & 3 Best Male

SR Flower’s
Angie BOB, BOG & BIS-3 pup
SR Flower’s
Arish (Rudolf) BOS (pup)
SR Flower’s
Afrodite 3 Best pup
SR Flower’s
Artemis 5 Best pup
SR Fica’s
Bacer 2Best male pup
judge: Günther Ehrenreich & Elisabeth Aune
Letohallen 19 of January

Yasmin: SR Flower's Yasmin did very well, again BOB & BOG !
SR Flower's Angie on her first show ever, also did very well
BOB & BOG (pup)
SR X-is Vicky Best Juniorwith CQ
SR Flower's Arish (Rudolf) did also very well, BOS (pup)
SR Flower's Afrodite
2 Best Bitch (pup)
SR Flower's Artemiss
4 Best Bitch (Pup)
SR Fica's Bacer
2 Best Male (pup)
Judge: Petter Fodtstad & Arild Thorvaldsen
My Dog Sweden 3-5 of January-2019
My little girl, Vicky did well to be
2nd best Junior first day with CK & 2 day as No.3 Best Junior  Judges: Åke Cronander, Sweden & Per Iversen, Norway
Yasmin came
3-BB both days with CK & Res CC
Judges: Leif Herman Wilberg & Per Iversen Norway